The Spectrogram is the monthly newsletter for S*T*A*R Astronomy. It is published around the beginning of the month, September through June.

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  • Meeting announcement
  • May meeting minutes
  • Milky Way life-giving planets
  • comet probe
  • membership
  • in the eyepiece


  1. May Meeting, Calendar
  2. Meeting Minutes
  3. Recent Water on Mars
  4. Planetary Disks in Hubble Archive
  5. S*T*A*R Membership
  6. In the Eyepiece

1 April Meeting Announcemnte2 March Meeting Minutes3 Serach for Black Hole SeedsSolar Flares and Space Weather6 Membership Form7 In the Eyepiece


  • President's Corner, December Meeting Minutes
  • NASA: The Big Picture: GOES-R and the Advanced Baseline Imager
  • Massive stars mark out Milky Way's 'missing' arms
  • Birth of black hole kills the radio star
  • The Good News About Winter
  • Christmas Eve Spacewalk A Success For NASA
  • 6 Biggest Space Science Discoveries
  • In The Eyepiece
  • S*T*A*R Membership

President’s CornerNovember  Meeting MinutesAMNH: Dark UniverseSkyscope – The Telescope That Revolutionized Amateur Astronomy (Part III) Nasa:  VolcanoesThe Invisible UniverseStar Birth And DeathMurphy’s LawS*T*A*R MembershipIn The Eyepiece 

President’s Corner
October Meeting Minutes
Skyscope – The Telescope that Revolutionized Amateur Astronomy (Part II)
Suzaku study points to early cosmic 'seeding'
South Pole Telescope Helps Argonne Scientists Study Earliest Ages Of The Universe
S*T*A*R Membership
In the Eyepiece

  • September Meeting Minutes
  • President's Corner
  • S*T*A*R Picnic Highlights
  • Murphy's Law for Astronomers
  • Skyscope – The telescope that revolutionized amateur astronomy
  • NASA: How to hunt for your very own supernova
  • Jeckyl and Hyde star morphs from radio to X-Ray pulsar and back again
  • Evidence for densest galaxy in nearby universe
  • S*T*A*R membership
  • In the Eyepiece

Inside This Issue 

  • Editor's Corner
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Dark Energy Survey
  • ALMA Interferometric Image
  • STAR Membership
  • In the Eyepiece 

Meeting Minutes

  • President’s Corner
  • Searching the Astronet
  • Cosmic Glitch: Superdense Star
  • Galaxies fed by Funnels of Fuel
  • S*T*A*R Membership
  • In the Eyepiece


  • President's Corner
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Surfing the Astronet
  • Supernovae and the Origin of Cosmic Rays
  • Galaxies Feel the Heat from New-Born Stars
  • S*T*A*R Membership
  • In the Eyepiece