Telescope Making Links - Supplies and Components

Where to buy the ATM stuff you will need

Apply Ply Plywood - Local distributor is Northern Jersey Reserve Supply, 2 Midland Ave., Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 Tel (201)796-3000
Birch and Maple Plywood
Columbia Forest Products - Europly and JayCore Plywood - Local Distributor is North Pacific Group, 174 Northfield Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837, Tel 800-257-8310
BB Grade Baltic Birch Plywood
Finnish Birch Plywood
Jaegers - Local source of plywood
US Mahogony - Local source of plywood
Other Supplies

Planet Helix (Observing Accessories)
Electroplating, Plating, Polishing and Buffing Chrome & Nickel.
Dealers Electric, Motors, Motor, Variable Speeds, Reducers, Inverters, Transformers, Gearmotors and more!
Australian Stained Glass Supplies - Glass tools, books, products, classes and tuition.
American Precision Gear Company Home Page
Power Transmission Home Page--Actuators, Gears, Bearings, Motors, Drives, Transmissions, Controls, Clutches, Brakes, Couplings, Sensors and more
Sears Parts Store
Astronomy Mall
David Chandler Company Home Page
Binocular & Telescope Shop (Australia)
Focus Camera & Video Store Homepage
Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird
Silicone Remover by Silicones Unlimited an unmatched product for the silicone industry.
Welcome to Jack Schmidling Productions, Inc.
Stargazer Steve Telescopes
Cir-Kit Concepts Products
Welcome to ICSTARS Astronomy
Large Custom Optics and Mirrors
Sorbothane Pads
Astro Physics
Reid Tool
Rush Gear Home Page - Made-To-Order Gears
McMaster Carr
Telescope Parts
Astrosystems - Spiders, Telekits and other ATM Supplies
Protostar - Spiders, tubes and flocking materials
KineOptics HC-2 Helical Crayford Focuser
ATM parts from Obsession Telescopes
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
MoonLite Telescope Accessories
Kendrick Dew Heaters
Malco Precision Products - Truss Tube Clamps
University Optics - Mirror cells, mirrors, spiders
Scope Stuff - All sorts of goodies 
Teflon, Ebony Star Laminate
Ducheck Consulting - Teflon, flocking materials
Meridian Telescopes - Kydex, Teflon, Ebony Star Laminate
Electronics, Motors, etc.
Mouser Electronics, Distributor of Electronic Components
Jameco Electronics
Goldmine Home Page
Alltronics Surplus Electronics
All Electronics Corp - Parts and Supplies/New and Surplus
Surplus Electronics MECI
Herbach and Rademan - Surplus Electro-mechanical & Scientific Equipment
BASIC STAMP Microcontrollers 
Brigar Electronics 
Metalworking Tools
Powder Coating Online
Harvey Racing Engines Web Page
Electroplating, Plating, Polishing and Buffing Chrome & Nickel.
ASAP Source (Aluminum, Steel and Plastic)
OnlineMetals - Small Quantities Specialist - Online Metal Cutting and online metal ordering
Machinist Materials: Home Page
Machinist-Materials, Direct Sales, Plastics UHMW
International Sales & Marketing Group
MetalsDepot - America's Metal Superstore! Buy Small Quantity Metals Online!
MRO Industrial Distributor of Supplies, Tools and Metals
Custom Machining
Precise Parts
Other Mechanical Parts
Rutland Tool & Supply
Lee Valley Tools
Kitchener Gear Ltd.
Torque Transmission home page
Monroe Engineering Products, Inc.
80/20, Inc. - The Industrial Erector Set
Sky Commander Digital Setting Circles
Fibre Glast Developments Corp. - Fiberglass,Carbon Fiber
Welcome to the Aircraft Spruce Web Site!
Tower Hobbies - The World's Premier Supplier of Radio Control Models
Welcome to the Boca Bearing Company
Surplus Stuff
Anchor Optical Surplus
BSC Optics
American Science & Surplus
Surplus Shack
Yazoo Mills, paper tubes and cores
Hastings Telescope Page
Fiberglass Tube
How to Make a Composite Tube
Ait Wood Plywood Tubes
Carbon Fiber Tubes

Books and Publications
Welcome to Willmann-Bell, Inc.
Amateur Astronomy Magazine
Sky and Telescope Magazine -- Home Page
Northern Lights Optics
Newport Glass Works
Glass Fab
Ohara Main Page
Schott Glass
Grinding Supplies
Salem Distributing
Ortho Cast, Inc. - Orthodontic Study Models Dental Supplies Laboratory Equipment
Darby Dental Supply

Optical Coatings
Majestic Optical Coatings
Spectrum Coatings
Clausing Coatings
Lightholder Optics Premium Newtonian Mirrors
Telescope Engineering Company
Pegasus Optics Home Page
Swayze Optical Home Page
Composite Optics, Inc.
ISP Optics
Jaegers Optics
Surplus Shed - Lots of inexpensive optics and electronics
Ceravolo Optical Systems
Discovery Telescopes - Good, moderately priced mirrors for Newtonians
E-Scopes (aka Coulter Optical) - Newtonian mirrors and kits
Brass Plaques
Stanley London brass plaques