Astronomy Merit Badge

Astronomy Merit Badge Information

This short booklet contains all the information to date to complete the Astronomy Merit Badge.

Each boy should have a copy of the Astronomy Merit Badge workbook. If not, there is a copy attached here that you can print out.

In order to complete the merit badge you must fill in the worksheet to show you meet the requirements.

We covered most of the material in our merit badge roundup sessions. These pages offer a summary of that information, to assist you in completing the requirements.

There are a few requirements that we could not complete in our sessions, because it requires observing time we didn't have. Those requirements are as follows:

4c. Make two sketches of the Big Dipper. This you can do at home on any clear night.

6. At approximately weekly intervals, sketch the position of Venus, Mars or Jupiter in relation to the stars. Do this for at least four weeks and at
the same time of night. This requirement is too difficult to do right now. The only visible planet on the lsit is Venus, which is in Pisces. Our NJ skies are so light polluted that Pisces simply can't be seen at all. Completing this is TBD.

7. Do the following:
   a. Sketch the face of the moon and indicate at least five seas and five craters. Label these landmarks. This can be done at home any time in the next 2 weeks. After that you will have to wait until the next lunar cycle. A map of the moon (for labeling/sketching help) can be found at
   b. Sketch the phase and the daily position of the Moon at the same hour and place, for a week. Include landmarks on the horizon such
as hills, trees, and buildings. This can be done from home. I realize it's hard to find 7 days in a row with clear weather, but do the best you can. This week is an excellent time as the moon is up right around dinner time. If you miss the opportubity you will either have to get up at an odd hour or wait another month to get your merit badge.

9b. Plan and participate in a three hour observation session that includes using binoculars or a telescope. We are attempting to do this on 3/20 (cloud date 3/21). Please try to make it, and hope for good weather. If you can't make it let me know and we can work out another date or another requirement for you.

Check the pages below for the information for each week so far...

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