Club Information

S*T*A*R, The Society of Telescopy, Astronomy, and Radio, has promoted amateur astronomy since 1957 when it was organized by an energetic group of observers who participated in Project Moonwatch, a program in which a worldwide network of observers tracked the path of Sputnik among the stars of the night sky to obtain information on how the earth's atmosphere affects satellite orbits. This group soon evolved into an amateur astronomy club which was incorporated under its present name in 1969.

Today, S*T*A*R is the focal point for amateur astronomy in Monmouth County, NJ, attracting members of all ages, occupations and educational backgrounds. Its objectives are to promote the enjoyment of astronomy, and to increase the level of astronomical knowledge among its members and the public. The club achieves these goals through its regular meetings, observing nights, field trips, cooperation and exchange of information with other clubs, and special activities such as assisting Bayonet Farm in Holmdel and other park systems in conducting public astronomy programs.

S*T*A*R meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month from September to June, at 8 pm at the Monmouth Museum on the campus of Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ. Directions can be found here. Programs generally consist of lectures and discussions by members or guest speakers on a variety of interesting topics on astronomy. Refreshments are served during the meeting and, weather permitting, a short observing session may occur afterwards.

The club owns 8" f/8 and a 13" f/4.5 Dobsonian telescopes which are available for use by members.  To borrow a telescope, please contact the Vice President.

The current officers of S*T*A*R are:

President Rob Nunn
Vice President Kevin Gallagher
Secretary Steven Fedor
Treasurer Arturo Cisneros
Member at Large George Zanetakos