Presentation to Municipal Officials About LP

A one page summary of a short presentation that anyone can give to Municipal Officials. It should take about 15 minutes.

Presenting The Importance of Controlling Light Pollution To Municipal Officials
The NJ Light Pollution Study Commission defined LP as,

  • Misdirected or excessive Outdoor Lighting that causes:
    • Glare
    • Light Trespass (Nuisance light)
    • Energy waste
    • Unnecessary sky glow
  • Demonstrate how glare and spill light can be prevented.
    1. Use a commonly available 150 watt incandescent PAR floodlight (lamp). With the room lights turned off or dimmed, aim the illuminated light at the conferees faces.
    2. With a visor attached to the lamp, tilt the light slightly downward so that the glare is now below their faces and no longer misdirected. This is how cutoff (shielded) lights prevent misdirected light.
    3. This light is only 1600 lumens. With excessive lumen levels the glare would be far worse. Show slide with samples of lumen output of other lamps frequently used.
  • How an ordinance can control LP
    • Cutoff or shielded lights
    • Follow IES Illuminance recommendations (effective light levels and ratios).
    • Reduce lighting after business hours
  • Examples of good & bad lights (show slide examples)
    • Car dealers over 100 fc instead of 20 fc
    • Fast food restaurants 20 fc instead of 2.5 fc
    • Gas stations 120 fc instead of 15 fc
    • Strip malls 10 fc instead of 2.5 fc
    • Sports lighting with no directional control
  • Talk about some local examples, if available, of both good and bad lighting.
  • Describe Eatontown. Suggest calling Mayor or other Eatontown Officials. Take the Eatontown Lighting Tour to see what the IES recommended light levels look like.