Discussion Board Rules

Discussion Board Rules
There are rules for posting on this discussion board. Why? Because this discussion board is read by thousands of people and represents our club to the world. When you post here you are not just chatting with a buddy, you are standing on a podium with a "STAR" banner on it, addressing a huge audience. So, here are the rules:

  1. This board is for the benefit of STAR members. Guests are welcome, but please remember you are a guest here.
  2. This board is for discussing astronomy, or related topics of general interest to STAR members. Stay on topic.
  3. Be polite. Tempers may flare from time to time, and even arguments are fine, as long as you show people basic respect.
  4. This web site is read by children as well as adults. Language should be suitable for everyone.
  5. Do not post copyrighted material, or private correspondence without express permission of the sender.
  6. Do not post for other people. If someone you know has something to say relevant to the discussion, have them register and post it.
  7. Sock puppets (registering using several different names to hide your identity) are not allowed.
  8. The moderators/administrators may move or edit posts for content or to fix links or mistakes. If a post is edited for content without the permission of the original poster, it will generally be marked as such.
  9. You are responsible for your own content. The moderators/administrators can enforce these rules to the best of their abilities, but failure to do so in every case does not excuse bad behavior, nor make them responsible for it.
  10. The moderators/administrators may modify these rules in the future, as required by situations that may arise.

We take these rules very seriously, so you should too. If you choose not to follow them, you may receive a warning, your posts may be modified or deleted, you may be banned from future posts, or some combination of the above, at the moderator/administrators' discretion; There is no "court of appeal". The moderators/administrators will try to be as fair and open as possible. If you disagree with a decision, you are free to discuss it with the moderators/administrators. If you are still not satisfied, you are welcome to start your own discussion group and run it your way, but you may not coopt this one.